Can You Really Make Money In The Online World?

The Online World

Now, unless you are extremely fortunate to have a mentor who will handhold you in an entrepreneurship or business journey, you are gonna have to find your own resources and knowledge source. Where else to find that in abundance other than from the online world?

The online world has an almost infinite amount of content. Whatever you want to ask, or think of doing, there would be a very high chance of you being able to find the answers and opinions on the internet. You need to find some knowledge pertaining certain areas? Professor Google is always there for you.

How about making money online? You can! It is definitely possible, but that’s where plenty of people have fallen into many different traps, falling prey to scams and losing money instead of earning.

I really believe there is no short-cut to success and wealth (with the exception of inheriting them lol). We have to start somewhere (most of the time from scratch!), and build a strong foundation before moving on to bigger things. When we see successful people, we don’t know what their struggles and their journey to success is like. So always be mentally prepared to face difficulties so that when you do face one, you’ll be ready to overcome it.

Here’s the thing about making money online:

1. It is possible.

First off, you have to believe it is possible. It really is possible, and not by illegal or unethical ways. If you don’t believe in it, then you shouldn’t even try. It requires perseverance to start off and may take a while before earning anything at all, and some people give up just before reaching any success. As cliche is it sounds, it requires time, effort and patience to achieve success.

2. You are a small fish in the big and vast ocean.

Chances are you feel that there are already plenty of successful businesses or individuals making money out of the internet and that you can’t compete with them. Get that thinking out of your system.

According to, the number of people online as of January 2020 is 4.54 billion.

4.54 BILLION people online!

The number of people online is extremely high, and even though there are already many people who are successful in generating income online, we can always get a slice of the pie. Like I mentioned in my previous post, we just got to have a plan.

3. Infinite knowledge!

The amount of knowledge sources available online is almost limitless. Any of your question can be answered by Google.

Of course, we have to be careful to ensure that the site that we are visiting is legit. Always do some research and cross-check the information or knowledge that you are looking for. Don’t end up paying for anything which is not needed, or ending up with incorrect or false information.

4. Beware of scams!

If you google ‘how to make money online’, there’ll be countless search result on this. What’s important is that you need your due diligence to always check if a site is legitimate by cross-checking with other sites.

If you are confident the site is legit, then go ahead with the program it offers or using the content to learn.

If you are doubtful, it’s best to skip the site and check out other alternative sites.

It sounds easy to spot a scam, because it is! It just takes a few Google search to check if a website is legit.

But sometimes the problem lies within ourselves; which is the temptation of making a lot of money fast. Let me remind you again, if it was so easy, everyone online would be rich. It really takes hard work and plenty of effort and determination to earn your first dollar and beyond.

What Are You Waiting For?

Like I mentioned in my previous post, don’t wait!

Start planning now on how you can earn online! There has been many success stories about people making a living from the online world. Why not you?

I’ll share what I do to get some income from the online world in my upcoming  posts!

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